Little Stories About Work consists of informative and thought-provoking short animated stories made from cartoon-like animation about workplace bullying and various undesired behaviors and situations that are not necessarily bullying but still may be problematic and unacceptable. The project presents entire but succinct stories and bits of longer stories. You will find themes about mocking; belittling; berating; yelling; verbal abuse; physical threats; breaking privacy and pestering; spreading rumors; overloading with work; cutting off guidelines, information, responsibilities, and tasks; making unachievable demands; blocking leave, training and promotion; blame games; marginalization; mob ostracism; violence. Some animations portray problematic workers and their intrigues against others, some show organizational causes of bullying, but in the end, there is some positivity in them too. Consider them as incidents that might occur or little case studies about recurring themes in the workplace. We also propose descriptions and comments on animations to shed light on this complex and touchy phenomenon. According to recent polls, these problems are widespread and recurrent yet apparently are too often trivialized. 

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Such visual resources can be used for group training, individual learning, and even talks every day to deliver a new learning experience.  Owners, companies' management, and Human Resource specialists can use the project to reduce ongoing negative practices and improve the working environment directly. In the long run, it can help to create an organizational culture free from bullying, help to bring more employee wellbeing into the workplace, and achieve broader business goals such as retention and refining employer brand. Our project is a systematic approach inspired by real-life stories and professional knowledge. The animated illustrations can be complemented with other professional materials to deliver full training resources.

These training materials can be an appropriate and effective solution when a company’s management and workers are open to talking about their difficulties and when cases are not too serious and do not require further action, e.g., at early stages. This vehicle can also be used as a preventive measure to raise awareness and get more insight into employees' relationships.

Not all workers are trained on it, so they may not have the basic knowledge and skills to combat it. Apparently, it is assumed that employees have somehow learned it at school, or they are well-brought-up. But in reality, some people are prone to be difficult co-workers while others are vulnerable. They may not be fully aware of their situation as they cannot recognize concrete, often subtle and veiled, examples of unacceptable behavior. Also, people involved in such stressful and complex situations may be frozen; they remain passive and maintain the status quo. Let's make them re-think it!

If you want to get people to really learn, you can give an overview of the topic and then go on to detailed examples illustrated by our clips. Clear, detailed, concise, and direct visual illustrations make the little stories a compelling supplement to spice up lessons and discussions. That's why people will think the topic out deeper. Thanks to used techniques, the animations present serious things in a lighter and sometimes humorous way or from a different perspective, but some of them can bring a bit of controversy on a personal level. All this can have a stronger impact on people’s memory, attitudes, and behavior, which is ultimately beneficial for the entire team at the organizational level. Last but not least, it can amuse and engage people too.

So, have you had a hunch, heard rumors, or spotted anything suspicious? Or maybe you just think that prevention is better than cure? We offer two options, and both plans offer easy, convenient, and cost-effective solutions to enhance interpersonal skills.

Plan A. You can enhance an awareness training session or workshop with our illustrations. Let's think outside the box, stimulate imagination, and spice conversations up with a couple of animated stories. If this option is too awkward, disruptive, or simply difficult to organize, then consider individual learning.

Plan B. You can give all sides of the difficult and challenging situation an individual subscription to our website and suggest in a tactful way that they look at issues from some other perspective. They can watch and reflect on the clips individually to gain more insight into their own or someone else’s behavior. You do not have to bother them with daunting training materials. Give them a chance to draw conclusions on their own and watch the progress.

Plan C. We can also illustrate themes selected by your company and tailored to its problems or even someone’s personal story. It will take some time to create the new little stories, but you will get reusable resources to combat regular issues in your workplace. 

You can  pick separated little stories from this website.

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